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Where are you located & what are your hours?
           We are not a shelter (we rescue FROM shelters), therefore, we do not have a facility or operating hours.  All of our dogs are in private foster homes in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA with normal people who have jobs & families.  We are 100% volunteer based, with foster homes throughout Orange County & a few in LA County.  We do have periodic adoption events, however, most of our adoptions are by private appointment only in the foster home.

How do we adopt?
       The first step in the adoption process is filling out an application. We must have the application before you will be considered for a dog.  A detailed, informative application will take priority over a quickly answered application.  All applications must be filled out completely.  Please do NOT fill out an application unless you are truly serious about adopting.  If your completed application is APPROVED, someone will either contact you via e-mail or phone.  While there may be certain dogs you are interested in, the application process will assist us in finding the perfect pet for you.  Since we know the dogs personally & have first-hand knowledge of their personalities, please trust us on our suggestions & recommendations.  Our goal is a perfect match for everyone, human & canine!  However, filling out an application does not guarantee approval & we reserve the right to refuse an adoption.  

What is included in the adoption?
       All of our dogs are spayed & neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea protected,  microchipped, and vet checked.  We are sometimes asked if the pups can be adopted, then altered at a later date.  Unless medically necessary, the answer to that questions is no, nothing will be released unaltered. Because the minimum adoption fee rarely covers the costs associated with each dog, we ask that adopters who are in a position to give additional funds do so at their discretion. We also ask our adopters to help us spread the word about the important work that we do.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.

       At the time of adoption, adult dogs will be current on their vaccinations, however, a puppy will need a series of vaccinations to be protected against such fatal diseases as Parvo & Distemper.  Prior to adoption, pups will have received at least one series of shots, however, it will be the responsibility & expense of the adopter to follow-up with their own vet for the remaining shots.  Puppies are NOT fully protected until the entire series is complete.  While you may be eager to show off your new family member, puppies should NOT be taken anywhere other than your own home until all shots are complete.

Is a puppy the best choice for you?
       Puppies are adorable!  There is no doubt about you have the time, patience, dedication, and resources to take care of a puppy?  There are so many dogs abandoned in the shelters who were adopted as cute little puppies, then dumped when they got older & hit the problem stages.  Puppies do NOT come ready-made.  They need extensive guidance & training, and they cannot be left alone for long periods of time.  Puppies grow at an alarming rate, and without proper guidance & training, the problems will grow just as quickly.  If you aren't ready & willing to accept the challenges that go with a puppy, please consider adopting an adult dog.

What if the adoption doesn't work out?
    We have a lifetime return policy on our dogs, however, we have the application process to help prevent such an issue, so it's very important that you are honest when answering the questions.  Not all dogs are compatible in all situations, so it's imperative that you are forthright in the application process so we can help find the right match.  However, be sure you are ready to make a full commitment to adopting a dog, whether a puppy or an adult.  A dog is not a novelty or a toy, so the prospect of adopting should be well-thought-out & the commitment should be taken seriously.  If you need to rehome your dog, you will be asked to foster the dog until a new home can be found. Adoption fees are non-refundable/

If you have a dog & are applying for an adult dog, you may bring your dog to the meeting. 
You will not be permitted to bring your dog to meet a puppy under the age of 4 months.


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